Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet [Virtuosity No.2]

               Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet is part of the series works for solo instruments under the name Virtuosity. These works explore the possibilities of each instrument to the fullest, often calling for extended techniques, mixing different personalities and styles. The first movement is fast 12-tone music with strong syncopations and an improvisational feel. The 2nd movement is a simple slow movement which reflects a notion that the most natural thing for the instrument is to imitate the human voice. It also reveals Chang’s less-is-more Eastern philosophy. The last movement uses every kind of extended technique imaginable to produce a wide range of colors and textures. The music evokes polyphony in its architecture and impact. The great complexity and intricacy are challenging to performer, but it still remains natural to the instrument.


I Movement: Improviser


II Movement: Song for the Fading Memory of the Old Days


III Movement: What’s Up?! 

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