Photo-About                Chao-Jan Chang (張超然) was born in Taiwan and has resided in Boston since 1991. His music has been performed by many professional ensembles such as Studio New Music Ensemble, Dinosaur Annex and Forum Music. In 2007, Warner Music and Better Music Recordings released his first CD album, Love Secrets, which features 4 of his chamber and electro-acoustic music compositions. He has also written music for a traditional Chinese instrumental ensemble performed at the Taiwan National Concert Hall and a major theater work, The Drought Goddess, which was performed in France at the Avignon Festival in 2009.

               He is the founder of ModernMusician.com, which is the largest guitar and music technology website in the Chinese music world with more than fifty thousand registered members worldwide. Chang is a fellow artist of MacDowell and Yaddo Artist Colonies. His passions also include guitar, tai-chi and photography.


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