[March 19, 2017]

               I went to Paris in 2015….. few weeks before the attacks. It’s probably the most poetic city in the world. The city is well-known for its beautiful architecture, fine art, sidewalk cafe, and of course the famous Eiffel Tower. I explored many areas to discover new things and also shot few images. Unfortunately my camera was broken and I had to use the backup camera and an old iPhone, though the videos turned out to be ok. Anyway I hope you will enjoy the following two videos. Please click on the 540p if your download speed is slower.



[540p, 103MB mp4]   [720p, 152MB mp4]   [1080p, 284MB mp4]


[540p, 69MB mp4]   [720p, 131MB mp4]   [1080p, 223MB mp4]

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  [October 11, 2015] 

               My solo guitar suite will be performed at Intel auditorium in Santa Clara on October 17th. The guitarist Chia-Wei Lin has won numerous international prizes including at Germany’s Koblenz and Iserlohn international guitar competitions. This concert is supported by ARTCH Foundation and is free, open to public. However you have to reserve through the following link in advance because of very limited seatings.

Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM (PDT)

Intel SC12 Auditorium
3600 Juliette Lane
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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 [November 18, 2014] 

               My solo guitar suite will be performed on November 29th at 7:30pm in Taipei’s National Concert Hall. The guitarist Chia-Wei Lin earned eight first-place prizes including at Germany’s Koblenz and Iserlohn international guitar competitions. Of course most of my American friends will not be able to join the concert, but the guitar music fans can still click the following Youtube links to enjoy the music!

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 [May 30, 2013] 

               My guitar piece will be performed at Koblenz International Guitar Festival (6/2- 6/9) in Germany on June 9th. This event is the largest guitar festival in Europe. Not only there will be many lectures, recitals and masterclasses, but also concerts by master guitarists such as Manuel Barrueco. Guitar lovers should check it out!

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* For those who can’t come to the concert, here is the video of the first movement, “Messenger, Traveling through Time and Space”!

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 [January 10, 2014] 


               The Boston Globe‘s preview of this Sunday evening’s concert by Czech-based ensemble Konvergence at lilypad in Cambridge is below. Super excited about this weekend. Come hear music of Chao-Jan Chang, friends from CZ TomasMishaOndřej, classics of Lachenmann and Feldman, and of course yours truly!

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 [November 11, 2013] 

               Chao-Jan Chang’s video project, ILLUSIONS, is online! The abstract images and experimental sound track are truly astonishing!

               Illusions is a video project based on the 4th movement of the music, four moods for solo cello, that Chang composed in 2009. The music contains many uncommon cello techniques Chang discovered. The sound modulation idea is more or less derived from synthesizer techniques. It mainly focuses on the most basic music element, “sounds” and many ideas are also influenced by nature and Chinese art, such as Chinese calligraphy and painting.

               The video was shot over a period of 3 months. It also contains many abstract and concrete photos that Chang took years ago. The images reveal a distortion of senses, an illness of disorder, allusions of desires, fears and deepest dreams.

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 [January 23, 2013] 

               My newest book, Travel to the World’s Concert Halls, co-written by 12 authors! 
(張超然的最新出版物: 與 11 位作者共同撰寫的 “到全球音樂廳旅行”!請大家支持,並豐富旅遊見聞!)

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