Video Projects


illision-small               Illusions is a video project based on the 4th movement of the music, four moods for solo cello, that I composed in 2009. The video was shot over a period of 3 months. It also contains many abstract and concrete photos that I took years ago. The images reveal a distortion of senses, an illness of disorder, allusions of desires, fears and deepest dreams……………

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I Can See You From There

ICanSeeYouFromThere-Small              This is a video I created with the the photos I shot while traveling around the world! I am always amazed by the natural beauty earth has.  Looking through a massive glass window at a 747 airplane, the textures, colors, shapes…… of the earth are truly astonishing! Nature is so much more creative than we as humans could be. Nothing is comparable; everything is just so unique!……………

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Casual Videos “The World Through My Eyes!”

               These are the videos I shot for fun in different places. If your internet speed is not fast enough, please click the 540p or download the videos for off line watching.

Newest Casual Video!

Nature Watch

  • Rabbits in My Yard, 2018 [540p, 53MB mp4]   [720p, 90MB]   [1080p, 220MB]
  • Hail Storm, 2015 [720p, 71MB mp4]   [1080p,141MB]
  • Nature Watch, 2012 [720p, 46MB mp4]   [1080p,107MB]
  • Bees, 2011 [720p, 57MB mp4]   [1080p, 192MB]
  • Birds Watch, 2010 [720p, 42MB mp4]   [1080p, 76MB]


  • Winter Walk, 2013 [720p, 55MB mp4]   [1080p , 109MB]
  • First Snow, 2012 [720p ,98MB mp4]   [1080p, 152MB]
  • Fireworks, 2011 [720p, 93MB mp4]   [1080p , 191MB]
  • Winter Driving 2010 [720p, 55MB mp4]   [1080p , 109MB]

Artist Colony

  • MacDowell 3 Deers, 2010 [720p, 43MB mp4]   [1080p, 75MB]
  • MacDowell Deer Family, 2010 [720p, 20MB mp4]   [1080p, 46MB]
  • MacDowell Driving, 2010 [720p, 197MB mp4]   [1080p, 314MB]
  • MacDowell Live Music, 2010 [720p, 207MB mp4]   [1080p , 468MB]
  • MacDowell Tom Plays Piano, 2010 [720p, 58MB mp4]   [1080p, 114MB]


  •’s Mini Amp Event, 2012 (當代樂手迷你擴大機網聚) [720p, 194MB mp4]   [1080p, 725MB]
  • Elementary School Reunion, 2010 (懷生國小同學會) [720p, 36MB mp4]   [1080p, 66MB]
  • Niece Story Telling, 2010 [480p, 176MB mp4]